Share your Story

You can help veterans by sharing your cannabis story.

You can help us help veterans by sharing your success story with cannabis and/or CBD. We want to hear from veterans, veteran spouses, and family members.

Video tips:
1. Record with lots of light in front of you, and no strong lights behind you.
2. Use headset/earbuds with mic if available.
3. Place camera at eye level, about 2 feet from you.
4. Videos can be 1-5 minutes in length.

Please introduce yourself in a format similar to below examples: 

“My name is _______, I’m a ______ Veteran. And I choose Cannabis.”

“My name is _______, I’m a ______ Veteran (with deployments in ____). And Cannabis saved my life.”

“My name is _______, my husband/wife/family member is a ______ Veteran. And Cannabis.. (state how cannabis has improved your/their life).”

“My name is _______, I’m a ______ Veteran (with deployments in ____). And CBD allows me to play with my kids.”

After your introduction, tell your cannabis/CBD story. Here’s some ideas (not mandatory):
• How were you introduced to cannabis or CBD? 
• What health issues are helped by cannabis or CBD?
• If cannabis/CBD has helped you stop using other drugs, please describe.
• Has cannabis or CBD improved your personal relationships?