Member Stories of Hope

“It helped me become a better person, husband and father.”

Brandon, US Army Veteran
Wounds of war come in all shapes, sizes and time fuses. My physical condition had been slowly but consistently deteriorating since my initial deployment in 2009. I was battling chronic musculoskeletal and nerve pain from 4 years (2 of those deployed) as an Infantry medic. Too many close calls and 6 yrs later, my mental health finally started feeling the effects of all I had experienced. Only once I left the service was I able to legally acquire the medicine that would allow me to find relief for the physical and mental pain so many veterans experience. Years of pharmaceutical interventions could not amass to the supportive nature of what mother nature has provided. Vaporizing dry herb cannabis and CBD from hemp helps me become a better person, husband and father. The decrease in pain, anxiety have given me better quality of life like no other treatment modality before. Too many close calls and 6 yrs later, my mental health finally started feeling the effects of all I had experienced.

“Switching to medical marijuana really helped with all my issues"

US Navy Veteran
I was in the Navy for one tour and served in Japan forward deployed with a squadron on the Kitty Hawk from 2003-2006. There were a few events I saw that still sometimes get to me and a few old injuries that have just gotten worse over the years. I went into law enforcement as a 911 dispatcher for 2 years. Working as a dispatcher for a small town I didn’t deal with a lot of calls for service that were really horrible, but there were a few that I think about from time to time. They weren’t difficult by any means and our officers always handled the calls so smoothly. But a few things happened in my neighborhood that when I pass the houses I can’t help but think of the family and wonder how they are doing. I started thinking about using cannabis this last year when I needed to go in to get a steroid shot and had to stop taking most of my prescriptions for 10 days before getting it. It was horrible stopping them. My body didn’t know what to do. It was like withdrawals. I realized then just how dependent I had become on them for pain, sleep, anxiety, etc. I was taking multiple ones every day just to function pretty much but never while at work. Sometimes those 12-16 hour shifts would be brutal on the migraines or pain and I would have to wait until I left to take anything. That was when I started looking into a more natural remedy and doing more research on using medical marijuana. Switching to medical marijuana really helped with all my issues and has helped me get rid of all the pills and I am a lot less stressed and anxious. It’s been a pretty positive change for me. I also use CBD for anxiety and give it to my son as well to help him with his anxiety and sleep problems. It has made a huge difference for him overnight.

“Marijuana was the only thing that allowed me to cope.”

Bernadette, US Air Force Veteran
I joined the Air Force in 1980 and was stationed at Malmstrom AFB in Montana. I suffered with clinical depression for thirty years after surviving child abuse and marijuana was the only thing that allowed me to cope with the daily difficulties of life. I would wake up in the morning and the first thought on my mind would be I don’t want to go to work today. And I would eat breakfast and take a shower and then smoke some marijuana. As soon as I finished smoking, it was if a light switch turned on in my head and I would think, okay I’m ready to go to work now. I would smoke more at lunch to get through the rest of the day and have a positive attitude instead of a negative one. It also enhances my creativity and makes me laugh and also helps me sleep.

“The pain was gone and made me more active again.”

Andre, US Army Veteran
I was in the Army for 6 years and during my first deployment i injured my back causing me to develop spinal stenosis. I was put on muscle relaxers and anti-anxiety medication making me gain a lot of weight and not look like myself. After I got out of the Army i started to use CBD and marijuana. The pain was gone and made me more active again. I lost weight while smoking CBD and cannabis daily. I went from 250lbs to 170lbs in a year and even got to meet my idol MMA fighter Nick Diaz. Not sure if i would have ever had that experience or results without Cannabis and CBD post-army.

“I was introduced to CBD and haven’t looked back.”

I have a TBI from being in over 200 explosions. I was a gunner that lead convoys to search for roadside IED. I started experiencing radiating pain down my right leg. Xrays, cat scan and nerve conduction was performed and came back negative. My leg was half the side of my other one. I walked with a cane at the age of 34. I was in constant pain. The quality of life at this time was null in void. I was introduced to CBD and haven’t looked back. I was able to rotate my hip 45 mins after taking it. I’m 36 years now and still have pain but it is tolerable.

“We jumped to cannabis and are not looking back.”

– Christopher, disabled veteran
My wife and I are both disabled veterans that suffer from many issues. Between her anxiety and PTSD, and my chronic pain and PTSD, we began to spiral out of control with the cocktail of meds that we were taking and started feeling hopeless alongside some of our peers that were losing their battles with suicide. Something had to change, so we did the research first. After determining the cause of our issues, the medicines, we began researching cannabis. We noticed that there was not a lot of information, so we had to self-test. I had used recreationally in my teens and knew more about the values. I was convinced, years ago, that cannabis would help my wife with her anxiety. We began testing after it became legal in WA. So much negative stigma associated with marijuana from being a kid in the 80’s and the “Just Say No” campaign that terrified us of the harmful drugs that we were opening ourselves up to. Been there and done that only we were trusting our doctors. We jumped to cannabis and are not looking back. I cannot express how amazing we are now, but it is expensive to get our medicines. Still better than the alternative but I have found a great deal of depression knowing that so many are still suffering and I cannot even go to pain management clinics at VA without feeling my heartbreak. So many have given so much to our country and are left in despair, like my wife, and I was. I hope that they will recover but I know that they will not if we do not do anything.

“Overall Cannabis and CBD have improved the quality of my life.”

Tyrone, US Navy Veteran
My time in the Navy was stressful since I didn’t know about thing like culture shock, anxiety and depression. I served time on a destroyer doing multiple jobs in the busiest fleet in the Navy. I was a culinary specialist, flying squad member, flight quarters member as well as the night baker. My next command got more stressful since we had to do a tour in Afghanistan where we had 24 bombings in 4 months. Cannabis and CBD have helped me get a handle on things like anxiety and depression. It has helped me with my sleep disorder, and keeps me on the right track on staying away from alcohol. During my service times would deal with all of my stress by drinking way to much, when I have CBD and cannabis I don’t need to pick up alcohol. When I am out in environments that’s are to crowded for my taste a couple of CBD gummies will help me be comfortable. Overall cannabis and CBD have improved the quality of my life especially when dealing with the VA.

“CBD has allowed me to control my anxiety and depression and ptsd.”

Jeffrey, US Army Veteran
I joined the Army in May of 2003 And went to Fort Knox for Basic Training. During my 10 years in the military and 4 deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan my PTSD and anxiety and depression increased after each deployment. Before I got out of the military I found out that my wife had been cheating on me during my last two deployments. Still going through divorce getting out of the military losing my kids having PTSD and depression my drinking started getting out of control. One day I decided to give CBD a try and I haven’t looked back. CBD has allowed me to control my anxiety and depression and PTSD. I incorporate CBD everyday in my life.

“If I substitute with CBD it changes everything'”

Aaron, US Army Veteran
I served in the US Army from 2002-2012 as a Cavalry Scout. I knocked out three deployments to Iraq, to include the invasion in 2003, and once to Afghanistan. The most recent event CBD has helped me with, is pain management for two bulging discs in my back. The amount of opioids they give me is ridiculous. If I substitute with CBD it changes everything. I take 1/2 the recommended dose on all three pain meds. My neurologist is impressed with how I am managing everything including the pain. I had a double surgery not too long ago, and needed no pain meds to recover whatsoever. And knowing that a simple plant is helping me so much is crazy to think about sometimes. I advocate locally to and for veterans constantly about CBD. I really don’t like putting processed man made chemicals in my body, without CBD we would be way worse off.

“I now have a much better quality of life”

Zane, US Army Veteran
After leaving the Army in 1998, I started suffering from depression. Being a soldier, I tried to ignore it and adapt. After several years it worsened, drastically. After seeing several psychiatric professionals, my decade long roller coaster ride, known as psychiatric medication began. I ended up becoming completely dependent on the medication. It also caused several new compulsions, while stripping me of all desire to do, or be better. Never realized this until I started listening to the therapists and becoming more self aware. Cannabis had become legal for medical use in my state, so figured, why not? Thanks to the miracle of nature’s green leafy medicine, I now have a much better quality of life, pharmaceutical free, and working to have a more productive, and full life. Now if we can only get the VA onboard.

“I have come to solely rely on over the counter pain relief and cannabis.”

Micah, US Navy Veteran
Serving in the United States Navy as an Aviation Ordinanceman, I had a lot of fun rememberable times. I was injured on active duty while in the United States Navy. This injury is still an active issue in my everyday life to this day, 13 years later. This being said I have tried many different pain relief options such as but not limited to over the counter medication, topicals, pharmaceuticals, acupuncture, cupping, chiropractic, ultrasound, epidural injections. I have come to solely rely on over the counter pain relief and cannabis. CBD specifically gives me an anti inflammatory effect. Such as an ibuprofen would do. I cannot have ibuprofen so using CBD has been a must in my pain relief regiment.

“Cannabis an CBD have been a great help.”

Chad, Army National Guard
I went in the Army National Guard in my 11th grade year. I ended up fracturing my lower spine in a hurricane relief effort. My only relief from the pain is medical Marijuana and CBD. Thanks to Hero Grown for the many different items they have sent over the years. I also suffer from dreams of things that happened to me while in the service. And both ear damaged from plugs that wound’t stay in during live fire. Again thanks to HeroGrown, they are the best. Cannabis an CBD have been a great help. The VA was giving me narcotics and I lost my teeth due to them. I ride around in a desert camo and weed leave Grand Cherokee and talk to people including veterans to tell them how much better Cannabis an CBD are than pills.

“Programs like this are a God send”

It’s an an honor and a privilege like no other to proudly serve the greatest country in the world. The United States of America. Cannabis is a natural alternative medicine compared to man made drugs. That is very effective and virtually harmless. With little to no side effects. ( Except maybe the cost) but then we have programs like this, that are a God send. Personally it helps me to relax so I can sleep. it helps to calm my nerves and anxiety due to just life in general. I suffer from chronic pain and PTSD and I would definitely recommend at least trying it for those who may be reluctant as I once was.

“I’m completely sold on the healing power of this plant now.”

`Tom`,  Active Firefighter
I am currently employed by a well known fire department specializing in wildfires, often in remote areas. A few years ago I injured my knee and back rolling down a hill to avoid falling debris. I was prescribed pain medication but found myself craving the medication rather than needing them just for pain. I was terrified that I would become fully addicted so I stopped, but I started having more pain and new anxiety issues. After my injury, a paramedic on my crew gave me CBD oil that I never tried. I decided to give it a try and the first thing I noticed is my anxiety went away almost immediately. The CBD also made my pain more tolerable. I came from a family with negative views of cannabis, but I’m completely sold on the healing power of this plant now. I’m hoping to try cannabis if my department ever allows it.

“I started smoking cannabis and immediately, my pain would stop, my anxiety was gone.”

Jaime, US Army Veteran
While deployed in Iraq in 2007 in the Amariyah province, my tank rolled over an IED while on patrol. The blast penetrated the belly armor, breaching the hull and caving the hull floor upward, breaking my ankles and tossing me violently into the ceiling of the tank, knocking me unconscious. First being in a wheelchair, to using a cane today. Today I suffer from a TBI. Metal screws in my ankle. PTSD. Migraines, and constant pain. I was originally prescribed 12 different pills for my body and brain. Pills that made me zombie-like or just sleep for 3 days and were damaging my kidneys. Until 2011, my wife introduced me to cannabis and CBD. I started smoking cannabis and immediately, my pain would stop, my anxiety, gone, and any other lingering symptoms would seem to dissipate while using cannabis and cbd. Eventually, I stopped taking my prescriptions. All of them. I can't get cannabis from the VA. So God Bless Hero Grown!!!!!

“There is HOPE!”

Lace, US Navy & Army National Guard 
I am a proud combat war veteran of the United States Navy and former medaled Army National Guard servicewoman. I hold my head high, as I advocate, use and believe in the power of the flower! I have used cannabis as a tool to combat obesity, insomnia (after my mother’s passing), kick alcohol use, defeat homelessness and transition into a holistic way of thinking/being. As someone who has worked for veterans and witnessed the destruction of mind, body and spirit by cause of opioid, alcohol, and hard drug abuse; I take a firm stand, raise my right hand, thanking God for cannabis. Cannabis continues to impact my life in a positive way through belief and meditation. I recently self-published my first novel The Staging of a Coup; An Autobiography of My Self-Triumph. Brother & Sister in Arms is a powerful, featured piece that I hope will raise awareness of PTSD in the Armed Forces and the holistic approach we can take to combat it. There is hope!

“It has changed my life for the better.”

Adrian, US Army Veteran
I am combat injured infantry man (recon- scout -sniper ). I served in the 82nd airborne infantry and the 10th mountain division. I was also a Mortar pit crew chief I served in Afghanistan and in Iraq multiple combat tours as a 11b 12b 21b. How has cannabis and CBD helped me with my combat wounds? It helps me with pain, I have back injuries such as spinal stenosis, perturbing discs, nerve issues. The other way it helps me out is with my PTSD, anxiety, and depression. It has helped me in a holistic safe approach it has eliminated drugs I used to take and for that I am grateful. It has changed my life for the better. It’s a bit easier to cope with everything with the CBD. It really helps with my anxiety as well. Helps me feel calm.

“This product has given me my freedom…”

Joseph, US Army National Guard
I started out in the Army National Guard in 2000, I signed up while I was in High School, I was a 63b(light wheel diesel mechanic. In 2003 I was called to go to Iraq. I was deployed to Baghdad Iraq as a mechanic with the 234th signal. Where I served for one year and while I was deployed I hurt my back really bad. I jumped from a wrecker while repairing a hydraulic hose mortars had starting coming in and I didn’t feel like being that high up anymore, I ended up with compression fractures in my thoracic region of my spine that has never healed properly. This product has given me my freedom to be able to release my anger that has troubled me for years since my service time in Iraq. I came home with PTSD issues, it has also allowed me to walk again better, since at this moment in time i need 3 surgeries one is my third hip and another back plus a neck. I have nerve damage in my neck and shoulders as well as sciatica issues on my left side of my body. The CBD and THC products allows my pain and anxiety along with my PTSD to slow down some and allow me to do some things that I have thought would be long gone. So thank you.

“That’s no way for a Veteran or anyone at that to live.”

Richard, US Army Veteran
My MoS was 13B, I served in the Army. During my service I injured my back, had two surgeries on my left shoulder and lost half the mobility in it. Insomnia and depression along with joint pain is a daily for me. During my time in service because of my injuries my unit bounced me around till I was medically separated due to them not knowing what to do with me. Those were dark times as it made me feel useless and having a career cut short is not what anybody would like to think of. Even though I am the way I am now due to my time in service I would only change going in two years younger. Cannabis and CBD helped me cut back on taking 8 pills daily. It helps me sleep when I need it. I am able to do more and help my wife out more around the house when I take either or. Only problem is I have a high tolerance for any type of medicine so it’s a pain sometimes. But being down from 8 pills to now only taking three at the most makes me feel better, like I don’t have to rely on pills just to get out of bed. That’s no way for a Veteran or anyone at that to live. When something that’s grown from the earth and has positive medical benefits then I’m all for it and since taking cannabis/cbd these last 5 years of suffering since I separated from the military has taken some of the ease off my mind body and soul.