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Set your brand apart by supporting American Heroes.

There are over 20 million military veterans and 10’s of millions of active and retired first responders. In the shadows, a countless number of these heroes are desperately struggling with addiction to deadly drugs prescribed for service related injuries and psychological disorders. With an American dying every 5 minutes from these drugs, it’s our mission to fight for the right of American Heroes to choose cannabis as a safe alternative.

HeroGrown Magazine connects America’s Heroes — veterans, first responders and their families — to the legal cannabis industry. The pages are packed with useful and informative content designed to engage and educate our unique readership.

Do more with your ad budget.

In addition to supporting our life-saving mission, advertisers have direct exposure to one of the largest untapped markets of emerging cannabis consumers.

In addition to funding programs that benefit our members, advertisers support a mission that will one day transform the entire cannabis industry. HeroGrown is actively lobbying to stop employers and health insurers from testing for the use of cannabis in jurisdictions where cannabis is legal. With nearly seventy percent of employers screening for illegal drugs, removing cannabis from screening will have vast implications for the cannabis industry.

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