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Grow for Vets Giveaway Event

In March of 2013, the HeroGrown journey began with an informal gift of a few bags of cannabis to a handful of Colorado veterans. Five years later, we’ve given away over $2,000,000 worth of cannabis to American Heroes. Our founder, Roger Martin — a proud U.S. Army veteran  and former law enforcement officer — reluctantly tried cannabis to overcome a 10-year dependency on dangerous opioids prescribed for chronic pain. Despite his initial reservations about cannabis, Roger used edibles to detox from opioids in 2010. And in 2013, he devoted his newfound lease on life to sharing the gift of cannabis with his millions of fellow veterans suffering from PTSD, pain, and addiction. In 2014, Grow for Vets was officially launched and held the world's first veteran cannabis giveaway in Denver, Colorado.  

The journey hasn’t been easy. In 2015, Roger's vision for Grow for Vets expanded from holding local giveaways to helping ten's of thousands of veterans across the nation.  The legal status of cannabis, illegal federally and varying widely state-to-state, presented logistical speed bumps at every turn. Since cannabis can't cross state-lines, Grow for Vets expanded into state chapters charged with distributing cannabis to local members. Unfortunately, due to the  difficultly of finding leaders sharing Roger's devotion to the mission, the chapter model was not sustainable. After several cases of theft and fraud, the decision was made to close all state chapters in favor of a nationwide CBD shipment program.

Roger Martin (left), Founder

We’ve developed thousands of wonderful friendships and picked up our share of “haters” along the way. When he set out on his humble mission to share cannabis with veterans, Roger couldn’t have predicted the challenges he would face. From pharmaceutical companies getting rich killing Americans, to individuals more interested in getting high than in helping their brothers and sisters.

To this day, some opposed to our mission continue their attempts to discredit us — even stooping so low as to claim that Roger never served in the military. These attacks have only strengthened our resolve — we are winning the fight to change the status quo, and soon we will end the war on veterans and first responders who choose cannabis as a safe alternative to the deadly prescription drugs killing more than fifty heroes a day.

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