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HeroGrown Giveaway Event

HeroGrown Founder Roger Martin, a proud U.S. Army veteran and former law enforcement officer, reluctantly first tried cannabis to overcome a ten year dependency on dangerous opioids prescribed for chronic pain. Despite his initial reservations about cannabis, Roger used cannabis edibles to detox from Oxycontin and Ambien eight years ago. He credits cannabis with literally having saved his life.

Troubled by encounters with fellow veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress and other serious medical conditions, Roger began giving free medical cannabis to veterans in the Lake Tahoe area in 2010. In March 2013, he decided to devote his newfound lease on life and to work full time sharing the gift of medical cannabis with millions of his fellow veterans suffering from PTSD, pain, and addiction; initially informally gifting medical cannabis products to a dozens of Colorado veterans.

In January 2014, Roger formalized his efforts by establishing Operation Grow4Vets, later known as Grow for Vets U.S.A., as a Colorado nonprofit corporation. On Memorial Day of that year, the organization hosted its first public cannabis giveaway event, in Denver.

In January 2018, Grow for Vets evolved into HeroGrown Foundation and first responders and their families were added to the membership roles.

To date, Roger has overseen the distribution of millions of dollars worth of medical cannabis and hemp-based products to thousands of veterans. HeroGrown’s CBD AirDrop, another first-of-its-kind program, provides free CBD products to veterans and first responders in all fifty states.

Roger Martin (left), Founder

Roger strongly believes that cannabis should be the first treatment option offered to veterans and first responders suffering with serious medical conditions. Driven by the fact that more than fifty American heroes die every day from prescription drug overdose and suicide, Roger works tirelessly to convince VA administrators, elected officials, medical professionals, and the public at large that cannabis is a much safer treatment option than deadly prescription drug cocktails.

Roger has had the honor of meeting thousands of brave Americans who have chosen to treat their medical conditions with the medicine that works best for them – cannabis. These men, women, and children are what Roger calls his “personal heroes” and he is dedicated to fighting for their right to chose cannabis as a treatment option.

When asked why he spends his “retirement” giving free cannabis to veterans and first responders, Roger cites the disgraceful number of needless deaths being caused by deadly prescription drugs. He believes that, “We owe America’s heroes better - all Americans deserve better!”

Roger describes what he does with HeroGrown as “the most humbling and rewarding experience” of his entire life.

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