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We invite Veterans, current and former first responders, and family members to join HeroGrown today!

Strength in Numbers

Membership is free and open to all military veterans, current and former first responders (all forms of law enforcement, fire fighters, EMTs, doctors, nurses, etc.). In addition, immediate family members of the above categories are invited to join. Our fight to enact change in legislation is bolstered by our growing membership base, please join today and spread the word!

Benefits of Being a Member

• Eligibility for the CBD AirDrop program. (Veteran and first responders members only)

• Special Editions of HeroGrown Magazine filled with important news and information, valuable special offers and coupons, and more.
• Exclusive access to discounts, member-only events, and giveaways.
• Member only deals with HeroGrown Partners.
• Membership is strictly confidential.

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