Help us end the stigma and discrimination against Americans who choose cannabis. We need passionate veterans and first responders like you at the tip of the spear in this fight!

Mission Briefing


  • Over 50 veterans and first responders die each day from suicide and prescription drug overdose.
  • Opioids are killing over 40,000 Americans each year.
  • Cannabis remains illegal or unfairly regulated in many states.
  • Discrimination by employers and the government against cannabis users remains legal in all states.


  • Demand that cannabis be allowed as a safe alternative to deadly prescription drugs by employers, insurers, and health care providers.
  • Spearhead legalization and anti-discrimination efforts -- as a veteran or first responder, you've earned the right to be heard and your voice has significant impact on politicians and voters.

Get your HeroGrown Enlistment Kit

To reduce waste and limit the program to motivated individuals, we require a donation of $20 to cover the cost of producing and shipping materials. The kit includes:

• HeroGrown Corps Advocate ID Card
• HeroGrown dogtag
• 50 Business Card Size Info Cards
• 25 Postcard Size Info Cards
• 20 HeroGrown Stickers

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