Sending STEREOTYPES 'Up in Smoke'

Cannabis, CBD, and medicinal mushrooms have been proven to alleviate symptoms of depression, post-traumatic stress, and pain¹. These safe and natural options should be available legally and affordably to all veterans and first responders. These heroes EARNED THE RIGHT to choose plants over pills.

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Over 50 Veterans and First Responders die every day from suicide and prescription drug overdose​


We've helped tens of thousands of heroes escape opioids

“It helped me become a better person, husband and father.”

Wounds of war come in all shapes, sizes and time fuses. My physical condition had been slowly but consistently deteriorating since my initial deployment in 2009. I was battling chronic musculoskeletal and nerve pain from 4 years (2 of those deployed) as an Infantry medic. Too many close calls and 6 yrs later, my mental health finally started feeling the effects of all I had experienced.

“Overall Cannabis and CBD have improved the quality of my life.”

My time in the Navy was stressful since I didn’t know about thing like culture shock, anxiety and depression. I served time on a destroyer doing multiple jobs in the busiest fleet in the Navy. I was a culinary specialist, flying squad member, flight quarters member as well as the night baker. My next command got more stressful since we had to do a tour in Afghanistan where we had 24 bombings in 4 months.

“I’m completely sold on the healing power of this plant now.”

I am currently employed by a well known fire department specializing in wildfires, often in remote areas. A few years ago I injured my knee and back rolling down a hill to avoid falling debris. I was prescribed pain medication but found myself craving the medication rather than needing them just for pain. I was terrified that I would become fully addicted so I stopped, but I started having more pain and new anxiety issues.


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